RV Industry News

RV Industry News Roundup March 2021
3/16/2021 Go RV Rentals
The latest reports show that plenty of people are getting on board with RV life....
RV Rental Travel Trends
12/29/2020 Go RV Rentals
The year 2020 was good for the RV rental businesses despite the pandemic....
RV Industry Round-up December 2020
12/21/2020 Go RV Rentals
2020 has been an year to remember for the World and the RV industry...
Another Hit to Tourism
12/14/2020 RV Business
Many snowbirds are staying in their nest this year...
Update on 2020 Outdoor Recreation
9/4/2020 RV Business
Good year, but could it have been better?
The Fix is On for National Parks
7/28/2020 Go RV Rentals
The Great American Outdoors Act is the largest land conservation measure in a generation...
Americans Go RVing
6/6/2020 RV Business
According to a recent survey, 46 million Americans plan to take an RV trip in the next 12 months...
Go RV Rentals Rate Study
5/19/2020 RV Business
Examine National RV rental costs by metro market...
KOA Report Chronicles Camping Trends
5/14/2020 Go RV Rentals
In the new COVID-19 world, camping is being designated as the safest form of travel when compared to...
Is the RV Industry Heading into Recession?
4/14/2020 Go RV Rentals
IndyStar believes people will behave differently the Covid-19 crisis passes..
Industry Leaders Calling for United Front During COVID-19 Crisis
3/19/2020 RV Business
Industry leaders call for calm...
Millennials and RVs: Ten Imperatives for the Future
2/10/2020 Go RV Rentals
Millennials are a force to be reckoned with in the RV industry...
1/21/2020 Go RV Rentals
Florida RV Trade Association hosts show...
List of 2020 RV Shows
1/12/2020 Go RV Rentals
Winter and early Spring is the time for RV shows....
Campervan Sales Continue Upward Trend
1/11/2020 Go RV Rentals
Class B sales continue growth...
Seasonal RV Prices Dip
1/7/2020 Go RV Rentals
Motorhome prices at auction dipped for the second month in a row...
The Newest National Park
12/21/2019 Go RV Rentals
White Sands is now a National Park...
Yellowstone National Park Surpasses 3 Million Visitors in 2019
11/15/2019 Go RV Rentals
America's first National Park is booming...