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RV Rental New York


Sometimes the best vacation is something simple. A trip where you can go where you want, when you want is the essence of RVing. Get up close and personal with the great outdoors. No crowded airports….ahhh, just you and the open road. We recommend RV rental New York for vacation and special events.

Thing to do in an RV rental

Visit a National Park in a Motorhome Rental

There are 22 National Park Service sites in the Empire State with about half in New York City. If you want to take a longer road trip there are 58 full fledge National Parks across the USA. You could visit Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, and Smokey Mountain just to name a few of the more popular parks.

Visit a State Park There are 215 state parks in New York located in all regions across the state. You may want to try some of the New York State parks we recently featured in our blogpost. Most all the parks have camping facilities with hookups for an RV rental but some don’t so be sure to plan ahead.

NASCAR Racing in a Camper Van Rental

The best place to be for NASCAR is onsite for the entire event. This way you can experience it all and retire to your motorhome rental at the end of the day or when you just need a nap. You could watch the cup series at the 2.45 mile Watkins Glen International road course.

Family Reunion

Family reunions are an occasion to get together with extended family and have fun. Making the event a camping trip has many benefits. There are numerous campgrounds available and family members can choose to camp in a tent, RV or cabin and enjoy the outdoors. We suggest renting an RV if you don’t own one. Be sure to plan early and communicate with those involved to have fun.


Here at Go RV Rentals we absolutely love to tailgate at football games and other sporting events. You could say we’ve gotten to a science with your layout, big screen TV and culinary delights. In the NYC area you could tailgate at a Giants or Jets football game. Cook up some brats and drink some beer and then go root for your favorite team. Then after the game, gather up again and let the traffic flow lighten up before you hit the road back home.pasting

Visit Family

Go visit Grandma and Grampa or other family members during the summer or holidays. Camp in your RV rental along the route and experience the comfort and convenience of RVing. Then take some side trips and stop and smell the roses at a leisurely pace.

Music Festivals

There are hundreds of music festivals throughout the country. The top festival in New York include: Blue Heron, Cayuga, Grassroots, Panorama, Elements. Many other festivals are in New York City, like Billboard Top 100, Electric Zoo and many others. You could enjoy the music and then stay in your motorhome rental onsite (where available) or stay local RV Park. Many areas have KOA campgrounds nearby.

Jellystone ParkJellystone

If you have kids, go to Jellystone Park. They have so many activities, like swimming, fishing, karaoke, bingo, laser tag, movie night, etc., etc. There are campsites for RV rentals and the food is good. Of course you can cook your own in your motorhome. This is a simple easy family trip for 1st time RVers.

These are just a few things to do in an RV rental. There are so many more. If you do rent an RV, we hope you choose a participating dealer from Go RV Rentals. Make memories that last a lifetime with a New York RV Vacation Rental. Happy Camping!