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RV Rental Portland

Portland is Oregon’s largest city (metro population of 2.4 million), adjacent to the Willamette and Columbia rivers, in the valley below snow-peaked Mount Hood with a Mt. St. Helens backdrop. The city is about 60 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. It’s known for its outdoorsy, eco-friendly, microbrewery and coffeehouse vibes. Portland also is home to thriving theater, music and art scenes. The local weather is a temperate climate---warm-dry summer and cool-wet winters.


Portland Oregon as a Destination

So you want to visit Portland but you live too far away? No problem. Fly into one of the local airports and rent an RV here! Portland International Airport, Portland-Hillsboro Airport, Salem Municipal Airport and Portland-Troutdale Airport offer air service to/from locations throughout the world. 

Mount Rainier National Park near Portland, Oregon

You can Go RV Rentals from Portland to Mount Rainier National Park in about 2.5 hours in a campervan rental or other type RV for that matter.  Founded in 1899, Mount Rainer NP has 236 thousand acres, a perfect destination full of natural beauty, lots of outdoor activities, including hiking, snowshoeing and viewing spectacular waterfalls and glacier peaks. Speaking of peaks, take a peek through the live webcam! In order to completely appreciate the park, you should plan to to stay for at least three nights. There are several on-site campgrounds that you can find via the NPS site.

Mount Rushmore Road Trip in a Motorhome Rental

If you want to make a road trip of about 1,200 miles from Portland, Oregon then Mount Rushmore located in Keystone South Dakota via motorhome rental is the first class place and way to go. Everyone has seen and heard of the beautiful, majestic mountain with the faces of four US presidents carved into it. Mount Rushmore is a formation in Black Hills with sixty foot tall sculptures of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. It was created to introduce more tourism to South Dakota, and it is an incredible site. It was completed in 1941 with the efforts of both primary sculptor Gutzon Borglum and his son, Lincoln Borglum. This iconic national symbol is incredibly popular attracting over two million visitors per year. It would be a fabulous place to Go RV Rentals with your kids and dog.

RV Rental Portland, Oregon

Need some help knowing what to pack on your next RV trip? Don't forget something important at home! Read this article about a packing checklist from A-to-Z for the whole list.Go RV Rentals offers affordable (a.k.a. cheap RV Rentals) RVs in all types and sizes in the following communities and surrounding areas: 



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