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jeep tour in AZOutdoor Things to do in Phoenix, AZ

With year-a-round nice weather, there are so many things to do in the great outdoors while visiting the Phoenix area. Many people like to head to the desert for a Jeep or all-terrain vehicle tour. Most are guided tours which may be in a private or group setting. Some are combined with shooting firearms or visiting a ghost town.

Another side trip from Phoenix is Sedona Arizona, a paradise of sorts. See the stunning red rocks country and the Sonoran desert during an all-day adventure. After your Jeep tour in the backcountry, have lunch at one of the many great restaurants in town and shop at the exceptional galleries.

National Parks near Phoenix, AZ

There a several National Parks within 4 hour driving from Phoenix. First of all, consider the Grand Canyon, South Rim. It is located in Northern Arizona. We wrote an article about RVing the Grand Canyon that you may want to read for more details. Another great choice is Joshua Tree National Park located due east of Phoenix in California. And finally there is Petrified Forest National Park. Get an RV rental Phoenix and GO!

For those who want to drive a little farther there a some great national parks located in Utah about 8 - 9 hours from Phoenix. Zion, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands and Arches all in Utah.

State Parks near Phoenix, AZ

Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park is a new state park in 2016, but the history that lies within all those acres is rich and heartbreaking. This area is where nineteen firefighters lost their lives battling a fire on June 30, 2013.

red rocksRockin’ River Ranch is under construction. This brand-new park can be found near the Verde River, and it is going to be fabulous for those who want to spend hours of their day fishing, kayaking, and hiking along the beautiful landscape.

Lost Dutchman State Park has a great campground. You can alternate between hiking, bike riding, and spending time in your RV. In fact, it would be a great place to camp over multiple nights.

McFarland State Historic Park has a couple of things on any must-do list. The first thing is the main building, which was built in 1878 out of adobe bricks that were made from the soil in the area. This building holds the 1878 courtroom and numerous exhibits featuring the 49ers, Florence hospital, Florence personalities, Florence’s World War II Prisoners of War, and the Yuma prison. The other thing is to be sure to tour the MacFarland Museum with all its artifacts and historical perspective.

Go RV Rentals at NASCAR in Phoenix

Attending a NASCAR race in Phoenix is an amazing experience and camping at the track during NASCAR week is totally awesome! Somebody recently asked us, what’s it like? Well, it’s kind of-sort of-but-not-really like a week-long BBQ / Chili Cook-Off-Tailgate Party. Really you have to be there to get it! The sense of community and sharing is intense!! This is why so many people love NASCAR and their favorite drivers and why they come back to ISM Raceway year after year.

Go RV Rentals in Phoenix, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, Los Angeles and Miami is your Arizona RV RV Rental NASCARRental headquarters for motorhomes and campers at ISM NASCAR events. There are many camping options on paved and dirt lots. All camping spaces come with two passes. One for the RV and one for the tow/towed vehicle. Fresh water, pumping, trash pickup, showers and RV repair services are all available. Tickets cost $175 to $250. You can pay a little extra and have your camper rental delivered to the track. Just show up and have fun!

Top 4 Reasons for Booking an RV Rental

Reason #1 for RV Rental - better than an Airplane

Traveling by RV is far less hectic than by airplane. When was the last time you flew anywhere by plane? If it’s been recent, you know just how difficult it can be. Going from airport to airport can be a challenge. And then there are late flights, bumped flights and long layovers. You’re not in control when you fly and every traveler that’s ever done so knows it. This isn’t even considering how expensive food is and some airports have little variety. Add it all together and it makes going down the road in an RV look like a breeze.

Reason #2 for RV Rental – better than a hotel in Phoenix

Staying in hotels for a large family or group can be expensive. It can also be difficult finding a good room during peak travel times. This is never a problem when you’re traveling in an RV rental. Much like a turtle, you’re traveling with your home. You don’t have to worry about dirty bed sheets and noises coming from down the hall. You’re traveling hotel will be exactly the way you like it. You can even take your pillow from home. It’ll all be with you and there won’t be extra charges for making phone calls.

Reason #3 for RV Rental – go at your own pace in Arizona

See the world at your own pace. The great thing about traveling by RV is that you get to control every aspect of it. You can stop and smell the roses during an unplanned stop in a small town you’ve never heard of before. That’s the beauty of traveling by RV. You’re in total control and you can enjoy all the sights and sounds that traveling has to offer. At most when traveling in an airplane you get to look out the window. You get to experience everything in an RV and the unplanned stops are often times the best. They give you the opportunity to explore and that’s what traveling is all about. You’re not just going from one destination to the other. What you’re in search of are experiences and they’re always around the corner when traveling down the road in an RV.

Motorhome Rental Reason #4 for RV Rental - make lifetime memories

They say memories last a lifetime. Most of us don’t realize that until we have a few years under our belt. Now is the time to make memories that your loved ones will remember forever. The memories and stories from your trip will last for decades. Smiles and laughs will always be just a story away when people are remembering the vacation they had in the RV. It’s a great way to bond with children and grandchildren. They’ll never forget the fun they had with their parents and/or grandparents while traveling down the road with them.

Music Festival RVingMusic Festivals

In 2018 the inaugural Flying Burrito Festival featured Vox Urbana, the Frights, US Girls and others. Of course there were burritos to eat and many festival-goers liked the street fair.

Pot of Gold at the Rawhide Events center featured the lineup of Russ, Dej, Felly, Big Head Todd and many more.

Chris Stapleton along with Queens of Stone and Avett Brothers headlined the first-ever Innings Festival in 2018. The festival was held at Tempe Beach Park. Produced by C3 Presents, the team behind Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Country Thunder featured a dream line-up of Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Toby Keith , Cole Swindell, Brett Young, Tracy Lawrence, and Big & Rich.

As you can see there is a lot to see and do in an around Phoenix. We hope you Go RV Rentals soon and enjoy this great American destination.