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Whether it’s for vacation or special event, RV rental San Francisco Bay area is definitely the way to go. And Go RV Rentals has what you’re looking for---the perfect RV at the right price.

Where can I rent an RV near me?

Go RV Rentals lists RVs throughout the Bay Area. We have listings for RV rentals in San Francisco, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Oakland, Fremont, Santa Rosa, Hayward, Berkeley, Alameda, San Leandro, Livermore, San Rafael, Union City, Pleasanton, Dublin, Newark and points far and in between. So basically wherever you live, we’ve got you covered. See List of Nearby RV Rental Locations.



A Few Questions Often Asked

Special Driver’s License Required? Travel trailers and motorhomes rentals are usually below the weight and/or length limit required for a commercial driver’s license, in this case no special driver’s license is required.

Difficult to Drive? You see all of those people driving down the road in an RV. If they can do it, you can too! Of course, you will need to understand and follow the safety standards for the vehicle.

Difficult to Operate?Not really but as with many new things there is a slight learning curve. Your owner may give you an orientation on the operation of the various systems of the RV.

Fuel Mileage Expected? The average motorhome gets 7 - 11 miles per gallon (MPG) which is not that much different than the 8 - 13 MPG towing the average travel trailer. Driving speed, wind, and terrain will impact your MPG. For the best MPG, drive slower and avoid quick starts. Wind and hills may lower MPG.

Insurance Required? Yes. Dealers almost always require proof insurance on the rental. In some cases this may be obtained through your auto carrier. Alternatively, you may need to buy insurance from a third party. Insurance may be included in the total price or billed separately.

Where to Go and What to Do? You could visit a National Park like Yosemite, Muir Woods or Point Reyes near San Francisco. The Bay Area also has some nice State Park (i.e., Tomales Bay, Mt. Diablo, Samuel P. Taylor and Marin Headlands). Another alternative is to travel across the country to visit friends and family. Some folks like tailgating NASCAR at the Sonoma Raceway or a 49ers or Raiders football game. Go Team!

The City by the Bay is also a great destination. Iconic sites like Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatrez, Chinatown, Coit Tower, Fisherman’s Wharf and Height-Ashbury to name a few of the more popular ones. Some people like to rent an RV for outdoor festivals like the Outside Lands.

Well, How Much Does it Cost?

A Class A motorhome usually rents for $200 - $600+ per night depending on the year model and amenities. On the other hand, a campervan rental (a.k.a. Class B motorhome) runs under $100 per night up to $300+ per night ballpark.If you want to go economy, then a folding-camper, also known as a pop-camper usually rents for $100 or less per night. Again all of these prices are estimates. Browse the listings on the site and you will get a good idea of the current price ranges. Also, you can read our definitive report on the cost of RV rental for additional information.

Which RV Rental Do You Prefer?

You could rent a camper van for minimalist experience or a Class A motorhome with all the luxuries. Or perhaps you want to carry your Harley to a festival in a Toy Hauler rental. Is tent-camping your thing? Then a pop-up camper rental may be what prefer.

If you're browsing through RVs and campers for rent and the sheer number of listings has you questioning which style is best for your outdoor adventure, think about the following:

  • How long will you be on the road?
  • Will you be taking pets?
  • Are you planning to stay in one spot once you arrive?
  • How many people are going on the road trip?
  • Do you want luxury or economy---what is your budget?
In summary, renting an RV is great fun for family and groups of friends. There are so many places to go and things to see in the Bay Area, California and across the USA. Start a bucket list and Go RV Rentals this year.

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