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Daily Rate for RV Rental | Cost to Rent an RV

The Daily Rate is usually the price for a one night rental.  It is priced like a hotel room where you check in on one day (pickup the RV) and check out on the next day (return the RV) and that equals one day/night. However, many RV rental owners require a minimum days rental so generally you cannot rent an RV for just one day.  The Daily Rate may be all-inclusive, a base rate or a combination thereof.  If it is a base rate, then additional charges may apply for extra mileage, generator use, kitchen kits, linen kits, propane, dumping, cleaning, prep fees, service charges, and etc..  Also, the Daily Rate may actually be less expensive if you rent for a longer period of time (i.e., a week or month) or at low season.  Likewise, the Daily Rate may be more expensive at certain times of the year such as during peak season or special events and/or the minimum days rental may be increased.

To understand the total cost to rent an RV and to avoid any surprises, Go RV Rentals recommends that you always get a written quote from your RV rental owner. For additional information on the cost of renting an RV, please read our article on the subject. Click here.